Service of Nissan Sunny from 1991 to 1997 release in n-14 body.
1. Maintenance instruction
1.1. Control panel
1.2. Alarm lamps
1.3. Arrangement of identification plates
1.4. The AM-UKV radio receiver with electronic control
1.5. The AM-VHF-radio tape recorder with electronic control
1.6. Catalyst
1.7. Keys
1.8. Ignition switch and lock of ignition
1.9. Handle of management of a screen wiper and washer of a windshield
1.10. The combined switch of driving and passing beam
1.11. Heating of back glass and side mirrors
1.12. Possible malfunctions
1.12.1. Start of the engine from the auxiliary battery
1.12.2. Replacement of a wheel
1.12.3. Detection of the place of a leak
1.12.4. Weekly checks Check of level of oil in the engine Check of level of cooling liquid Check of level of liquid in a windscreen washer tank Check of a condition of tires and pressure in tires Screen wiper brushes Battery
1.12.5. Check and restoration of level of liquid of a hydraulic actuator of brakes
1.12.6. Replacement of lamps and safety locks
1.12.7. The recommended lubricants and liquids
2. Maintenance
3. Engines
4. Cooling system
5. System of heating and ventilation
6. Fuel and exhaust system
7. System of launch of the engine
8. Coupling
9. Transmissions
10. Half shafts
11. Brakes
12. Suspension brackets and steering
13. Body
14. Electric equipment

1-12-4-2-proverka-urovnya-okhlazhdayushhejj-zhidkosti.html Check of level of cooling liquid

On cars with the closed cooling system of a periodic dolivaniye of liquid it is not required. Bystry falling of level of cooling liquid and a frequent dolivka indicate a leak and need of its elimination.

Check a condition of a radiator, hoses and connections, existence of dribble traces for them.

Add only antifreeze solution.

1. On the cold engine level has to be between the tank marks MIN and MAX. On the heated-up engine level is a little higher than the mark MAX.
2. If it is necessary to add liquid, then wait for full cooling of the engine and turn off traffic jams of a tank and a mouth of a radiator.
3. Add liquid to edge of a mouth, densely wrap a stopper. Add liquid to the mark MAX of a tank and wrap a stopper. Check of level of oil in the engine Check of level of liquid in a windscreen washer tank