Service of Nissan Sunny from 1991 to 1997 release in n-14 body.
1. Maintenance instruction
2. Maintenance
3. Engines
3.1. 1,4 and 1,6 liters petrol engine
3.2. 2,0 liters petrol engine
3.3. Diesel engine
3.3.1. Technical characteristics
3.3.2. Gear belt
3.3.3. Replacement of laying of a head of cylinders
3.3.4. Valves
3.3.5. Replacement of maslootrazhatelny caps of a core of the valve
3.3.6. Check of the directing valves
3.3.7. Grinding in of a saddle of the valve
3.3.8. Processing of a head of cylinders / valves
3.3.9. Check / adjustment of gaps of valves
3.3.10. Check of a compression
3.3.11. Maple belt
3.3.12. Malfunctions of the engine
3.3.13. Engine lubrication system
3.3.14. Oil contour
3.3.15. Removal and installation of the pallet of a case
3.3.16. Oil pump
3.3.17. Cooling system
3.3.18. Injection device
3.3.19. Spark plugs
3.3.20. Power supply system
3.3.21. Check / replacement of the valve of interruption in supply of fuel
3.3.22. Speed of idling and maximum speed
3.3.23. Nozzles
3.3.24. Beginning of giving of the fuel pump of high pressure
3.3.25. Operation during the winter period
3.3.26. Specifications of a power supply system of the diesel
3.3.27. Useful tips for owners of the diesel car
4. Cooling system
5. System of heating and ventilation
6. Fuel and exhaust system
7. System of launch of the engine
8. Coupling
9. Transmissions
10. Half shafts
11. Brakes
12. Suspension brackets and steering
13. Body
14. Electric equipment


3.3.25. Operation during the winter period

Additives in fuel in the diesel engine are not applied, even in the winter. At decrease in surrounding temperature because of paraffin deposits the fluidity of diesel fuel decreases. Diesel fuel becomes dense as honey. For this reason manufacturing firms of mineral oils mix with diesel fuel in the winter of additive, the fuels increasing fluidity and guaranteeing start of the engine at a surrounding temperature to – 15 °C. At very low surrounding temperature however can be required, especially if in a tank "summer" diesel fuel is filled in, to mix a little gasoline.

Addition of gasoline has to be made whenever possible prior to paraffin adjournment process.

Mix only normal gasoline, but not supergasoline.

Because of an easy inflammability for the purpose of a bezopasnota obespechivaniye prepare mix only in the fuel tank of the car. At the same time whenever possible it is necessary to fill in at first normal gasoline, and then diesel fuel.

As additive of gasoline reduces engine capacity, surely mix only really necessary amount of gasoline.

Summer diesel fuel
Winter diesel fuel
from 0 to – 15 °C
max. 30%
from – 15 to – 25 °C
max. 30%

Example: At total of fuel of 30 l a part of normal fuel can make at most 9 l (30%).

If the engine is not started because of the thickened diesel fuel.

1. Tow off the car in a warm garage.
2. Remove the fuel filter and warm in a hot water bathtub.


Do not warm the injection device a blowtorch at all. Danger of explosion!

3.3.24. Beginning of giving of the fuel pump of high pressure

3.3.26. Specifications of a power supply system of the diesel